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Production stages


How our handmade ties are made...


...our production stages


All the production stages, from the blocks of fabric to the tie, take place in the factory located in Alzate Brianza. We create authentic handmade ties by carefully adhering to the traditions of craftsmanship thanks to our staff’s expertise and the state-of-the-art technologies.


We are also proud to offer entirely handcrafted ties upon request and by prior agreement.



Cutting requires great expertise and a very high level of precision. At this stage the selected fabric is unrolled, fixed and cut to obtain the three parts of the tie: the blade or front, the neck and the tail or back. The tie loop or keeper is also cut from the same cloth block as the tie.



During this phase blade and tail are tipped. This involves sewing a partial lining to the tie ends. The fabric care label is also sewed in.



Blade, neck and tail are then joined together. This step involves pressing, folding and sewing, carried out by hand.



This step (also named “Liba” after the machine used) involves inserting the interlining, usually a blend of cotton and wool. The tie is then pressed and sewed. 



Each step described above is carried out on the wrong side of the tie. It is then turned inside out in order to be stitched and finished (the tie loop is sewed, the brand label is stitched on, and a finishing press is given). Once this phase has been completed, the tie is ready.




Each tie undergoes a separate quality check. If the result is compliant with expectations, the tie is ready to be put into its eco-friendly protective cover. As far as cover is concerned, customer-tailored solutions can be also be provided.



We carefully adhere to the traditions of craftsmanship, and keep our equipment effective and up to date in order to create high quality products and ensure safety and welfare at the workplace.


Our factory equipment include: sewing machines, cutters, pressing and folding equipment. For the stitching phase we use Gieffe,a dedicated machine produced in Italy. Last but not least, needle and thread and excellent sewing skills. 

Schiavi Cravatte 
Alzate Brianza (Como) Italy